Google May 2020 Core Update: Flawed As Hell

Google May 2020 Core Update

May 4th, it was a nice day but then Google decided to shake up the day a bit.

On May 4th, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed they started to roll out its second core search algorithm update this year. A major update to its algorithm. They call it ” May 2020 Core Update” because it a large change to their algorithm, here is the announcement.

Whenever Google updates its crawling algorithm, that time your site may do great or worse in the Google search results. It impacts a lot of sites, so keep the focus on your site’s analytics.

Google’s May 2020 Core Update

In January 2020, Google released its previous core algorithm update. Everybody saw some drastic changes in Google Search Results at that time. It took two weeks to finally rolled out and it was a major core algorithm update that volatility Google search results.

It appears that the new Google Core Update seems to bring unprecedented SERP volatility as well– We took some data from SEMrush sensor. Which monitors the movement of results on Google.

In this May 2020 Core Update SERP volatility rate fro 9 to 9.4 points. So, this may core update appears to be more powerful.

No time to panic you need to work with your website or blog to get more traffic again if you lost any.

What Experts Are Saying?

So many experts expressing their negative review about the May 2020 core algorithm update, see what they’re saying.

Too Much Pinterest in the SERPs

Another one Complaining

Social Media and Big Brands Winning

Experts are complaining about social media with very less content winning the search results where others with high-quality content are still not showing up in search results.

Sites That Saw Their Rankings Dip

According to Neil Patel’s index at Ubersuggest sites their rankings dip.



LinkedIn disappeared from SERP for a short time. It was a mistake, many folks make the same mistake but rarely seen on this large site. It has nothing to do with the May 2020 Core Update.

What If You Got Hit

SEO is getting more Social than just links and on-site and on-page optimization. Google algorithm update fear us all even if you are 100% clean and always follow google guidelines, you can still suffer by the dirty work of others. You still have to work on your site frequently.

1. Do Not Panic

Your site may suffer from the dirty work of others, you have to stop worrying about it and do not take decisions too quickly or make any changes too early. Audit your website and keep eyes on it notice the changes and strategies which were keeping your site on ranking.

2. Talk With An Expert

If your site gets penalized by Google we will suggest you get in touch with an expert, so he can fix your website and penalty. You don’t have to worry about making wrong changes on your website. An expert knows how to fix penalty problems, Plus you will save your time for other works and you will not take any unnecessary action that will harm your website more.

3. Keep Updated

Post content on your website frequently, consistency makes huge changes. Most studies agree that once per day is optimal, and a drop in engagement by 50% and a maximum of two posts per day will keep your website engagement high. Keep your website engagement higher will result in more revenue and higher organic search results.

4. Review Your SEO

Most of the time the best way of getting out of a penalty is to keep doing the good things. When you get a penalty from Google that means something is wrong with your SEO tricks and strategies, It’s time when you should fix your SEO strategies on your website.

On-page SEO and off-page SEO both need to be fixed, Google penalty can be undone in two weeks or 2 years so performing the best SEO within Google guidelines will be great.

5. Fix Your Content

Content is a very important part of your website. A website without content is like fish without water, high quality content is key to getting more traffic to your website. Keep your content user friendly and add another paragraph or more information to your posts.

Always keep eyes on your competitors, and compare your content with others add any missing point you forgot. Do not provide your website duplicate content, meta description, or titles. Google detects duplicate content, and keep it high quality and great. Hire a good content writer.


Unfortunately you will never know that penalty can be recovered or not so Its always a great option to follow Google guidelines rules for better future. Always work hard on your website with good strategies also audit your website for better knowledge about your traffic fluctuations on your website.

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