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Hi, I’m Rohtash Lahry, a website content writer and editor based in Faridabad. And with experience of years, I know about Digital marketing and SEO too.

“Providing you with the best quality Digital marketing, blogging, and SEO Tips.”


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Our story

Welcome to Awswebstroke, your number one source for SEO tips and blogging. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best Information about the WordPress blogs and Search Engine Optimization tool and tips, with a focus on real knowledge.

We built AwsWebstroke to help every marketer working with a local business do their job better. Our content has already helped many SEO blog makers, local businesses, and marketers to deliver success for their brands and clients, and we’re just getting started. Our team of passionate local SEO experts constantly stays on top of the ever-changing world of local marketing.

What you will find on AWSwebstroke.com

  • World class website development tools and tips to make your work easy.
  • Practical tips to create a blog & live your passion, and updates about new technologies and news.
  • Basic & advanced WordPress and its plugins, SEO tips, and Social media marketing techniques.
  • Digital marketing tips for bloggers, freelancers & businesses.
  • Complete “How-To” of Blogging to increase traffic, sales & brand value.
  • Daily blog posts which will give you the information about the all the services.