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11 Best SEO Blogs You Should Read in 2020 [Learn Fast]

Every business with a website needs to think about search engine optimization.

If you are not aware of the name SEO, It stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you want to learn about search engine optimization(SEO), you are going to have to read. You’ve got a lot to learn.

Why we’ve compiled this list of places where you can learn SEO. We want to make sure you don’t listen to any bad advice that will hurt your SEO efforts.

While these SEO blogs and publications are usually pretty reliable and accurate, again, it’s important to think about and test any strategies, tactics, or ideas you read about.

Here are 11 Best SEO Blogs you should read online that will help you do so.

  1. Moz
11 best seo blogs

Moz is the well-known SEO blog, He and his team posted tons of stuff over the years that will help you a lot to grow your SEO blog or any business.

Moz is the most trusted blog for things SEO, They have priceless beginners guide you can learn many things from there. Their blog is full of up to date always because there are many authors and handlers to the site

2. Backlinko

11 best seo blogs

Backlinko is the most popular single-author SEO blog. Brian publishes new content rarely nowadays, but when he does, he certainly knows about it in deep. He prefers quality over quantity. Backlinko is the best place to learn SEO.

I have learned SEO from Brian over the years and I will recommend you also.

3. Ahrefs

11 best seo blogs

Ahrefs is also branched into other fields of Online marketing occasionally but Ahrefs blog primarily covers SEO topics. Ahrefs publish 1-2 posts per week.

They also focus on quality over quantity. Ahrefs also publishes case studies, guides, and in-depth research to help other businesses through SEO snippets.

Ahrefs provides its own keyword search tool by own name Ahrefs. They help others through their 1.4 billons “long-tail” Keywords.

4. Yoast SEO Blog

If you are using WordPress then you must be familiar with Yoast SEO Plugins, Good thing is they also have an SEO blog, Helpful for technical SEO, content SEO, and WordPress SEO.

Their all post may not be in-depth masterpieces, but they got some real knowledge content in there.

5. SEMRush

SEMRush publishes SEO content posts per day, They have published a total ~3000 posts. SEMRush sells products that help businesses to do keyword and ranking research to help with SEO.

Some famous names also contributed to their blog including Ryan Stewart (WEBRIS / From The Future), Gael Breton (Authority Hacker), and many more.

6. Search Engine Roundtable

search engine roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable is another well known SEO news blog.

Their content focuses on the announcements and updates made companies that mostly about Google search engine, it’s a good place to find search engine news to influence your SEO work or strategy.

Search Engine Roundtable found always updated, and they publish 5-6 blog posts per day, any search engine news can not be missed from people.

7. SEO Book

Most of the blogs just focus on the SEO, SEO tools, and stuff but, SEO Book goes beyond just SEO but it also clear SEO issues, SEO book goes deeper into the technical side as results.

SEO book clears most of the SEO related issues in their blog. They publish informative and satisfactory blog posts.

8. Google Webmaster Central Blog

11 best seo blogs

Google webmaster central blog is a direct way to learn about google search engine algorithms, they said to be “official news for crawling and indexing” updates from google.

Google webmaster has regular blog posts on major updates that will help you to rank your website rank higher.

9. Raven Tools

Raven tools cover most of the SEO tips, and technical topics which are more important for doing SEO as well.

Raven tools blog provide tools that help the peoples to create a marketing report and strategy.

SEO can not be learned at once you have to practice continuously that search engine evolves. If you want to grow your website or blog then preserve an eye on SEO tips and tricks.

10. CognitiveSEO

Founded by Razvan Gavrilas

CognitiveSEO publishing some good SEO stuffs out there and their organic search performance is increasing day by day. Their organic search is increased three times in a year.

11. Gotch SEO Blog

gotchseo blog

Founded by Nathan Gotch in 2013

GotchSEO has been making a big increase in its performance by the last two or three years.

He publishes continuously in-depth guides, Some of then he designs by own. He publishes one post per month because it’s not easy to post such an in-depth guide frequently.

These were my 11 best SEO blogs, Drop your favorite SEO blog down blow.

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